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HP D7171A - NetServer - LPr Installation Manual

Hp netserver lxr 8000 for compaq 4000/7000 racks.
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HP NetServer LXr 8000
Installation Guide
4000/7000 Racks
HP Part Number 5967-6631
Printed in October 1998


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   Summary of Contents for HP D7171A - NetServer - LPr

  • Page 1

    HP NetServer LXr 8000 Installation Guide Compaq 4000/7000 Racks ® HP Part Number 5967-6631 Printed in October 1998...

  • Page 2: Audience Assumptions

    Hewlett-Packard assumes no responsibility for the use or reliability of its software on equipment that is not furnished by Hewlett-Packard.

  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    Contents 1 Introduction.......................1 HP NetServer LXr 8000 – Compaq Rack Precautions ........4 2 Overview......................5 3 Installation......................7 Preparation......................7 Marking the Installation Holes................7 Installing the Rack Nuts .................8 Mounting the Slides..................9 Installing the NetServer..................11 4 Warranty and Support..................19 HP Repair and Telephone Support ..............19 Index ........................21...

  • Page 5: Introduction

    1 Introduction This document describes how to mount an HP NetServer LXr 8000 into a Compaq ® model 4000- or 7000-series rack enclosure. Refer to the HP NetServer LXr 8000 Installation Guide that came with the NetServer for instructions on adding accessories to and configuring the NetServer.

  • Page 6

    Chapter 1 Introduction WARNING To prevent the rack from tipping over and causing equipment damage or bodily injury, be sure that the stabilizing, anti-tip feature is installed on this rack enclosure (see Figure 1-2). To prevent the rack from tipping over and causing equipment damage or bodily injury, do not extend more than one piece of equipment at a time out of the front of the rack enclosure.

  • Page 7

    Chapter 1 Introduction Figure 1-2. Single Rack Enclosure With the Anti-Tip Stabilizing Feature Installed...

  • Page 8: Hp Netserver Lxr 8000 - Compaq Rack Precautions

    Chapter 1 Introduction HP NetServer LXr 8000 – Compaq Rack Precautions CAUTION If this NetServer is not installed according to these instructions, damage to the NetServer or accessories may result. Damage due to improper installation is not covered by the HP Warranty. Observe the precautions listed in this section to maintain the NetServer’s reliability.

  • Page 9: Overview

    2 Overview The steps required to install the NetServer in the rack are summarized below: NOTE This is only a summary; detailed instructions are provided on the following pages. Measure and mark the appropriate holes on all four rack columns. Install four rack nuts on each of the two front rack columns.

  • Page 10

    Chapter 2 Warranty and Support Terms used in this document are defined in the table below. Term Definition Rack nut Single nut designed to clip behind the rack column and accept a screw through the hole in the column. Slide Extendible side bracket that is attached to the rack enclosure columns, onto which the NetServer is mounted.

  • Page 11: Installation

    3 Installation This section contains detailed instructions for installing an HP NetServer LXr 8000 in certain models of Compaq rack enclosures. Preparation Before beginning the installation of the NetServer into the rack, you must prepare the rack and the NetServer. Determine the location at which the NetServer is to be installed in the rack enclosure.

  • Page 12: Installing The Rack Nuts

    Chapter 3 Installation 17th (At Rear Of Column) 17th Template (optional) Unit Below Intended Installation Location Figure 3-1. Marking Holes for Installation Now mark two holes on each of the front columns to use for the rack nuts where the server-attachment screws secure to the columns. To mark the server-attachment holes on the front columns (refer to Figure 3-1), count up from the top of the unit below, marking the 9th, and 17th holes.

  • Page 13: Mounting The Slides

    Chapter 3 Installation Rack Nut Column Figure 3-2. Installing Rack Nuts Mounting the Slides 1. Orient each slide so that the front of the slide attaches to the front column and the rear attaches to the rear column. This ensures that once installed, the slides will extend correctly, toward the front of the rack (see Figure 3-3).

  • Page 14

    Chapter 3 Installation Rear Flange Front Flange Extendible Members Figure 3-3. Slide Components and Orientation 2. Place the mounting flange of the slide on the outside face of the column (see Figure 3-4). Do this at the front and rear columns. 3.

  • Page 15: Installing The Netserver

    Chapter 3 Installation Column Slide Flange Screws Figure 3-4. Mounting a Slide To a Column Installing the NetServer 1. Extend the slides until you hear a click, indicating they are fully extended in the locked-out position. Note that the slides do not come apart (see Figure 3-3).

  • Page 16

    Chapter 3 Installation WARNING The installation handles are mounted on the sides of the NetServer forward of the center of balance. Safe handling of the NetServer requires that the power supply modules be removed from the rear of the NetServer prior to installation in the rack equipment enclosure.

  • Page 17

    Chapter 3 Installation Power Supply Module Pull Handle Down Pull Module Out Figure 3-5. Removing a Power Supply Module WARNING This NetServer weighs up to 160 pounds (73 kg.) when fully configured. Remove all power supply modules and hot-swap hard disk drives before lifting the NetServer. Use two people when moving the NetServer or lifting it into the rack.

  • Page 18

    Chapter 3 Installation Figure 3-6. Lifting the Server onto the Slide Members 4. Line up the mounting holes in the slide members with the holes in the NetServer chassis, insert the four screws on each side, and tighten them (see Figure 3-7).

  • Page 19

    Chapter 3 Installation Figure 3-7. Attaching the Slides To the NetServer Chassis...

  • Page 20

    Chapter 3 Installation 5. Remove the two screws from each of the four handles and remove them (see Figure 3-8). Keep these handles and screws for later use, in case you need to remove the NetServer and ship it. Figure 3-8. Remove Mounting Handles...

  • Page 21

    Chapter 3 Installation 6. Reinstall the power supply modules and hard disk modules removed earlier. 7. On both slide members, simultaneously depress the lockout releases and push the NetServer completely into the rack enclosure (see Figure 3-9). Figure 3-9. Location of Lockout Releases...

  • Page 22

    Chapter 3 Installation 8. Install two screws through the two holes on either side of the NetServer front (see Figure 3-10) and into the rack nuts in the columns (previously installed). Figure 3-10. Securing the NetServer to the Columns...

  • Page 23: Warranty And Support

    HP components. Repairs to HP components due to improper installation into third party racks are not covered under the HP warranty. Hewlett-Packard is not responsible for damage resulting from the improper installation or operation of HP rack mount components into third party racks, or unsafe environmental conditions that exceed operational or non-operational specifications of HP equipment.

  • Page 25: Index

    Index Compaq, 3 power supply modules, removing, 11 precautions, 6 door, rack enclosure, 6 rack, 6 rack enclosure, 6 EIA, 6 rack nut, 6 fastening server to slides, 14 slide, 6 location, 7 mounting flange, 6 handles, removing after mounting, 16 template, 7 lifting server into rack, 13 lockout releases, 17...

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