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HP D7171A - NetServer - LPr Upgrade Manual: Exit Hp Diagtools And Take Corrective Action If Necessary; Reinstall Your Nos; Prepare Your Boot Drive

Hp netserver lh 3000/3000r to lh 6000/6000r upgrade guide.
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Chapter 5

Exit HP DiagTools and Take Corrective Action if Necessary

1. Press F3 to exit HP DiagTools from the Advanced System Tests menu or
from any of the Basic System Test screens.
2. Remove the HP DiagTools diskette.
3. If you need to take corrective action, be sure to power down the NetServer
before you remove covers.
4. If you need to contact an HP customer support representative, save your
Support Ticket diskette.

Reinstall Your NOS

It is essential that you reinstall your NOS. Reinstalling your NOS ensures that you
get all capabilities of your new NetServer and ensures that PCI IDs are reassigned
correctly. PCI IDs are different between the NetServer LH 3000/3000r and the
LH 6000/6000r.
Reinstalling your NOS has two parts:
Prepare your boot drive by either repartitioning it, or by reinitializing your
boot logical drive.
Install your NOS and configure your NetServer.

Prepare Your Boot Drive

Before you reinstall your NOS, you must repartition your boot drive or, if your
boot drive is on a HP NetRAID logical drive, you must reinitialize your boot
logical drive.
If Your Boot Drive is Connected to a SCSI Controller
If your boot drive is connected to a SCSI controller, and is not on a NetRAID
logical drive, you should clear your boot drive as follows:
1. Delete all partitions on your boot drive.
2. Repartition the drive.
Updating Firmware


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