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HP StorageWorks 16-EL - SAN Switch Reference Manual: Fcph_system Error Messages; Fcph-exchbad

Diagnostic and system error messages version 3.1.x reference guide.
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FCPH_System Error Messages

Fibre Channel Physical (FCPH) layer error messages are a result of "exchange"
errors. Exchanges are the exchange of information units with identification and
management mechanisms. This is a basic "hand-shaking" between two Fibre
Channel ports.


<switch number> Critical FCPH-EXCHBAD, 1, bad xid <Exchange ID>, x:
<Exchange Data0>, <Exchange Data1>, <Exchange Data2>, <Exchange Data3>,
<Exchange Data4>, <Exchange Data5>, <Exchange Data6> [iu: <IU Pointer>;
header: <IU Header0>, <IU Header1>, <IU Header2>, <IU Header3>]
A bad (invalid) exchange ID was reported.
The following information is provided in the error message:
Diagnostic and System Error Messages Version 3.1.x Reference Guide
<Exchange Data0> - The Fibre Channel header exchange ID for the
Originator (O) and Responder (R): format [OOOORRRR].
<Exchange Data1> - The Fibre Channel source ID.
<Exchange Data2> - The Fibre Channel responder ID.
<Exchange Data3> - The exchange status flags.
<Exchange Data4> - The physical port number.
<Exchange Data5> - The Fibre Channel class of service.
<Exchange Data6> - The receiver unsolicited registry index.
<IU Pointer> - The pointer Information Unit.
<IU Header0> - The Fibre Channel routing control bits (R)_ and destination
ID (D): format [RRDDDDDD].
<IU Header1> - The Fibre Channel destination ID (D) and unused bits (X):
format [XXDDDDDD].
<IU Header2> - The Fibre Channel header fields type (T) and frame control
(F): format [TTFFFFFF].
<IU Header3> - The Fibre Channel header fields sequence ID, Data Field
Control, and Sequence Count.
FCPH_System Error Messages


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