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HP StorageWorks 16-EL - SAN Switch Reference Manual: Rtwr_system Error Messages; Rtwr-failed

Diagnostic and system error messages version 3.1.x reference guide.
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RTWR_System Error Messages

Reliable Transport Write and Read (RTWR) helps deliver data messages to
specific switches in the fabric or to all of the switches in the fabric. For example, if
some of the switches are not reachable or are offline, RTWR returns an
"unreachable" message to the caller, allowing the caller to take the appropriate
action. If a switch does not respond, RTWR retries 100 times.


<switch number> Error RTWR-FAILED, 2, RTWR <routine: error message>,
<detail 1>, <detail 2>, <detail 3>, <detail 4>, <detail 5>
The RTWR failed. The variable <routine: error message> provides the name of
the routine having the error, and, if displayed, specific error information is
provided following the colon. The <details 1 2 3 4 5> provide additional
information to help the user or Technical Support isolate the problem.
The error message can display any of the following <details>:
Diagnostic and System Error Messages Version 3.1.x Reference Guide
<rtwrInit: No Memory>, 0x9abc, 0x8def, 100, 50, 123
Explanation: RTWR has run out of memory inside the rtwrInit function.
<detail 1>, if non-zero, contains the pointer of the payload received.
<detail 2>, if non-zero, contains the switch ID of the destination domain.
<detail 3>, if non-zero, contains the size of memory you should allocate.
<detail 4>, if non-zero, contains the thread ID.
<detail 5>, if non-zero, contains the process ID.
Recommended Action: Check the memory usage on the switch.
<rtwrTask: mqRead failed>, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0
Explanation: Cannot read from a message queue; could be out of memory.
Recommended Action: Check the memory usage on the switch or call
Technical Support.
<rtwrTask exited unexpectedly>, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0
Explanation: Internal error
Recommended Action: Call Technical Support.
RTWR_System Error Messages


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