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Handling Of Discs - Kenwood MDX-F1 Instruction Manual

Minidisc personal stereo system
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Handling of discs

Disc handling precautions
Hold the discs so that you do not
touch the playing surface.
Label side
Playing side
Do not attach paper or tape to ei-
ther the playing side or the label side
of the discs.
Sticky paste
If fingerprints or foreign matter be-
come attached to the disc, lightly
wipe the disc with a soft cotton cloth
(or similar) from the center of the disc
outwards in a radial manner.
When a disc is not to be played for
a long period of time, remove it from
the player and store it in its case.
Handling of Mini Disc
As the Mini Disc is accommodated inside a cartridge, it can be handled without caring about dust or fingerprint.
However, stained or soiled cartridge may cause malfunction. To enjoy beautiful sound for extended period of
time, take care on the following points.
Do not touch the disc directly.
Do not touch the disc by opening the shutter with your
hand. The cartridge will be damaged if it is forced open.
Storage position
Do not leave Mini Discs in place where the temperature
and/or humidity are extremely high (for example, in a
place subject to direct sunlight).
Dust countermeasure
The shutter of the disc cartridge is permanently open while
the disc is loaded in the set. Therefore, to prevent dust from
penetrating inside the disc, take the disc out of the unit
immediately after completion of recording or playback.
Discs which can be played with this unit
CD (12 cm, 8 cm), and the audio part of CDV, CD-G and CD-
Use discs that comply with the IEC standard, for example
a disc carrying the
marking on the label surface.
Never play a cracked or warped disc
During playback, the disc rotates at high speed in the player.
Therefore, to avoid danger, never use a cracked or deformed
disc or a disc repaired with tape or adhesive agent.
Please do not use discs which are not round because they
may cause a malfunction.
Disc accessories
The disc accessories (stabilizer, protection sheet, protec-
tion ring, etc.) which are marketed for improving the sound
quality or protecting discs as well as the disc cleaner should
not be used with this system because they may cause
Wipe periodically dust and dirt attached on the cartridge
with a dry cloth.
Write protect tab
To protect recorded contents against accidental erasure,
set the write protect tab of the disc open. Return the tab
to the original position when you want to record signals on
the disc.
Disc back side
Slide open.
(Recording disabled)
Important Items
Write protect tab
Slide close.
(Recording enabled)


Table of Contents

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