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Kenwood MDX-F1 Instruction Manual page 53

Minidisc personal stereo system
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Symptoms related to MD standard
"DISC FULL" is displayed while the disc still
has a remaining recordable time.
The possible recording time does not increase
even when a short track is erased.
Tracks can not be connected.
The time which has been recorded on the MD
and the remaining time do not add up to the
maximum recording time (60, 74 or 80 min.).
When search is performed in a track which has
been compiled by editing, the sound is some-
times interrupted.
The track numbers are not assigned correctly.
"READING" is displayed for an abnormally
long time.
The time display becomes inaccurate with a
monaurally recorded disc.
Input of 1792 title characters is not possible.
MD recorder section (other symptoms)
Sound is not output even
when the play key is pressed.
Recording is not possible
Sound is distorted.
Noise is noticeable.
The display goes out for a
moment after the unit has
been turned ON.
÷ More than 255 tracks (track No. 256 or more) cannot be recorded. (There
may be also cases in which recording is impossible while the track number
is less than 256.)
In such a case, the REMAIN time display shows "0:00".
÷ When the remaining time of the entire disc is less than 12 sec, the
remaining time indication on the display becomes "0:00". When the total
time of the deleted tracks exceeds 12 sec, the display changes to the
recordable time.
÷ When a short track is deleted on a repeatedly edited disc, the remaining
time may not increase.
÷ TRACK COMBINE may sometimes be impossible with a MD which has
been subjected to several times of editing.
÷ As recording is executed with 2 sec. as the minimum unit, the display time
may not coincide.
÷ This derives from the restriction in the MD system standard and not a
÷ Depending on the contents of the recorded source (CD etc.), the track
numbers may not be assigned correctly.
÷ When a new recordable MD (with nothing recorded) is inserted,
"READING" is displayed longer than usual.
÷ Monaural recording and stereo recording are executed according to
different formats. This is not a malfunction.
÷ The title recording area is used in units of 7 characters, so that input of
1792 characters may not be possible.
÷ No disc has been loaded.
÷ A non-recorded disc has been loaded.
÷ The disc is write-protected.
÷ An attempt is made to record digital
signal from a source while its digital copy
has been prohibited by SCMS.
÷ A playback-only disc has been loaded.
÷ The disc does not have a recordable area.
÷ The input selector is set to MD.
÷ A disc in which distorted sound has been
recorded is played.
÷ An external noise is induced.
÷ Switching is operated too quickly.
In case of difficulty
÷ Load a disc.
÷ Load a prerecorded disc or playback-
only disc.
÷ Change the position of the write protect
tab to the write position or use a record-
able disc.
÷ Recording is not possible.
÷ Use a recordable disc.
÷ Use another disc.
÷ Set the input selector to the source to be
÷ Record again.
÷ Install the unit at a position apart from an
electric appliance or TV set.
÷ This is not a malfunction.


Table of Contents

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