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Special Features; Mdx-F1 (En - Kenwood MDX-F1 Instruction Manual

Minidisc personal stereo system
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Special features

An MD recorder is equipment
An MD recorder with high digital sound quality is equipment. Digital copying from a CD is also easy. This
recorder has many functions like recording and display of names for discs and titles, changing the sequence of
tracks, etc.
CD player and auto-reverse cassette deck as standard equipment
A CD player and auto-reverse cassette deck are also provided in addition the MD recorder, making the unit an
integrated minidisc personal stereo system for enjoyment of multiple music sources.
Convenient Recording Methods
Various versatile recording functions are provided according to the use purposes.
÷One-touch recording : Recording of one CD or one track by pressing a single key
÷Program recording
One-touch operation function
Even when the power is off (STANDBY mode), pressing any of the CD 6, MD 6, TAPE ` key or TUNER FM/
AM key turns the system on and starts playback (reception) of the source.
Convenient timer functions
Wake-up timer(O.T.T.) :
Two-program timer :
÷ AI timer: An Artificial Intelligence increases the volume gradually after the power is turned on by the timer.
Sleep timer :
Power turns off automatically when the set time has elapsed. Convenient for sleeping while listening to
music, for example.
In regard to demonstration
This unit is equipped with a demonstration func-
tion. The demonstration consists of sequential
change of display and indicators showing the op-
erations, but the audio itself does not change. The
demonstration function can be cancelled as fol-
÷ Even when DEMO is ON, stations with weak radio waves are muted and their sound cannot be heard.
÷ This operates automatically when a power failure has occurred or the plug of the power cable has been pulled while
the power was ON. Cancellation is possible by pressing the key during the demonstration.
Unpack the unit carefully and make sure that all accessories are put aside so they will not be lost.
Examine the unit for any possibility of shipping damage. If your unit is damaged or fails to operate, notify your dealer immediately.
If your unit was shipped to you directly, notify the shipping company without delay. Only the consignee (the person or company
receiving the unit) can file a claim against the carrier for shipping damage.
We recommend that you retain the original carton and packing materials for use should you transport or ship the unit in the future.
Keep this manual handy for future reference.
Power cord (1)
Loop antenna (1)
÷ Power cord differ depending on the country and sales area.
: Any desired tracks can be recorded in the desired sequence
Timer operates only once.
Timer playback, timer recording and AI timer playback can be programmed.
Please confirm that the following accessories are present.
Remote control unit (1)
DEMO OFF (To cancel demonstration):
Press the
DEMO ON (To execute demonstration):
After turning power ON, press and hold the
SET/Demo key (for more than 2 seconds) (In stop mode
of CD,MD or TAPE).
R6/SUM-3 batteries
for remote (2)
Before applying power


key when DEMO is ON.
AC plug adaptor (1)


Table of Contents

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