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Handling Discs; Care And Storage - Kenwood K-531 Instruction Manual

Compact hi-fi component system
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Handling discs

Handling precautions
When holding a disc, take care not to touch the played surface.
Discs playable on the System
This System can play back a CD (12 cm, 8 cm), CD-ROM, CD-R, CD-RW or the audio part of a CD-EXTRA.
Notes on CD-ROM/CD-R/CD-RW
If the CD-ROM, CD-R or CD-RW being used has a printable label surface, the label surface may cause
sticking that makes it impossible to remove the disc from the System. To prevent malfunction of the
System, do not use such a disc.
Cautions on discs
Always use a disc carrying the
back correctly.)
The disc rotates at a high speed during playback. Never use a cracked, chipped or greatly warped disc.
Otherwise, damage or malfunction of the player may result.
Also, do not use a disc with a non-circular shape as this may result in malfunction.

Care and storage

Main unit
Keep the System out of the following locations
– Areas exposed to direct sunlight.
– Areas subjected to excessive humidity or dust.
– Areas exposed to direct heat from heating equipment.
Be careful against condensation
Extreme differences between System temperature and air temperature can cause water droplets
(condensation) to form on the System. The System will not operate properly while condensation is present.
If condensation forms, do not use the System for a few hours to allow the condensation to dry.
Take special care against condensation when the System is moved between two locations of very different
temperatures, or into a room where high humidity is present.
When a main unit becomes dirty
When the front panel or case gets dirty, wipe it with a soft dry cloth. Never use lacquer, thinner, benzine,
alcohol or contact revitalizer, which will cause discoloration or deformation.
Storing a disc
If you do not plan to use a disc for a long time, remove it from the main unit and store it in its case.
Cleaning a disc
– When a disc is contaminated with fingerprints or other stains, wipe gently in the radial direction using a
soft dry cloth.
– Do not use a phonograph record cleaner, lacquer thinner, benzine or alcohol to clean discs.
– Do not use any disc accessory (stabilizer, protective sheet, protective ring, etc.) or lens cleaner.
Other cautions
– Do not write on a disc with a pencil or ballpoint pen.
– Do not use a disc if its sticker or label is peeling or if any adhesive is coming out from under the sticker
or label.
– Do not affix paper, stickers or labels to discs.
marking. (A disc without this marking may be unable to be play
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