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Decode Search Mode; Preferred Symbology - Honeywell 4600RSF051CE User Manual

Commercial/retail/industrial area imager.
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Decode Search Mode

There are three selectable decode (scanning) modes:
Full Omnidirectional - Searches for barcode features beginning at the center
of an image, and searches to the image's limits. This mode reads all symbolo-
gies (including OCR), in any orientation. The Full Omnidirectional search is
very thorough which may slow performance time.
Note: This search mode is the default setting.
Full Omnidirectional
Quick Omnidirectional - This is an abbreviated search for barcode features
around the center region of an image. This mode quickly reads all symbologies
in any orientation. The Quick Omnidirectional mode may miss some off-center
symbols, as well as larger Data Matrix and QR Code symbols.
Quick Omnidirectional
Advanced Linear Decoding - Performs quick horizontal linear scans in a cen-
ter band of the image. This mode is not omnidirectional, but does quickly read
linear and stacked barcodes. Advanced Linear Decoding cannot read 2D, OCR,
or Postal symbols.
Advanced Linear Decoding

Preferred Symbology

Note: This selection does not apply to OCR.
The imager can be programmed to specify one symbology as a higher priority
over other symbologies in situations where both barcode symbologies appear
on the same label, but the lower priority symbology cannot be disabled.
For example, you may be using the imager in a retail setting to read UPC sym-
bols, but have occasional need to read a code on a drivers license. Since some
licenses have a Code 39 symbol as well as the PDF417 symbol, you can use
Preferred Symbology to specify that the PDF417 symbol be read instead of the
Code 39.
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