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Honeywell 4600RSF051CE User Manual Page 156

Commercial/retail/industrial area imager.
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S - Pixel Ship
Pixel Ship sizes an image in proportion to its original size. It decimates the
image by shipping only certain, regularly spaced pixels. For example, 4S
would transmit every fourth pixel from every fourth line. The smaller number
of pixels shipped, the smaller the image, however, after a certain point the
image becomes unusable.
ship every pixel (default)
ship every 2nd pixel, both horizontally and vertically
ship every 3rd pixel, both horizontally and vertically
Example of Pixel Ship set to 1S:
U - Document Image Filter
Allows you to input parameters to sharpen the edges and smooth the area
between the edges of text in an image. This filter should be used with gamma
correction (see
using the command:
This filter typically provides better JPEG compression than the standard E -
Edge Sharpen command (see
shipping pure black and white images (1 bit per pixel). The optimal setting is
Document image filter off (default)
26U Apply document image filter for typical document image
8 - 12
8-10), with the imager in a stand, and the image captured
Example of Pixel Ship
set to 2S:
8-14). This filter also works well when
Example of Pixel
Ship set to 3S:


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