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Honeywell 4600RSF051CE User Manual Page 162

Commercial/retail/industrial area imager.
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R - Resolution of Signature Capture Area
The resolution is the number of pixels that the imager outputs per each
minimum bar width. The higher the value for R, the higher the quality of the
image, but also the larger the file size. Values begin at 1000. The imager
automatically inserts a decimal point between the first and second digit. For
example, use 2500 to specify a resolution of 2.5. Set to zero when using the
A and B modifiers (see
on page 8-16).
Example of Resolution set to 0R:
Example of Resolution set to 1000R:
Example of Resolution set to 2000R:
S - Barcode Aspect Ratio
All dimensions used in IMGBOX are measured as multiples of the minimum
element size of the barcode. The barcode aspect ratio allows you to set the
ratio of the barcode height to the narrow element width. In the example, the
narrow element width is .010 inches and the barcode height is 0.400 inches,
resulting in a value of S = 0.4/0.01 = 40.
W - Width of Signature Capture Area
The width of the signature capture area must be measured in inches divided
by .01. In the example, the width of the area to be captured is 2.4 inches,
resulting in a value of W = 2.4/0.01 = 240. (A value of 245 was used in the
example to accommodate a slightly wider image area.)
8 - 18
A - Output Image Width
B - Output Image


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