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Intelligent Signature Capture - Imgbox - Honeywell 4600RSF051CE User Manual

Commercial/retail/industrial area imager.
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W - Histogram Ship
A histogram gives a quick picture of the tonal range of an image, or key type.
A low-key image has detail concentrated in the shadows; a high-key image
has detail concentrated in the highlights; and an average-key image has detail
concentrated in the midtones. This modifier ships the histogram for an image.
Don't ship histogram (default)
Ship histogram
Image used for histogram:

Intelligent Signature Capture - IMGBOX

IMGBOX allows you to configure the size and location of a signature capture
area relative to its proximity to a barcode. This allows you to tailor a signature
capture area to a specific form. In order to use IMGBOX, you need a set form
where the signature box location is in a known location relative to a barcode.
You can input the overall size of the signature area, as well as specify how far
the signature area is from the barcode, vertically and horizontally. You can also
set the resolution and file format for the final output of the signature capture
Note: IMGBOX commands can only be triggered by one of the following types of
barcodes: PDF417, Code 39, Code 128, Aztec, Codabar, and Interleaved
2 of 5. Once one of these symbologies has been read, the image is
retained for a possible IMGBOX command.
The following IMGBOX example was executed and viewed using QuickView
software. This software is available at Click on Soft-
ware Downloads. Select your device from the Products list, then select
QuickView Software Utility.
Below is an example of a signature capture application. In this example, the
aimer is centered over the signature capture area and the trigger is pressed. A
single beep is emitted, indicating that the imager has read a Code 128 barcode
and the data has been transferred to the host. An IMGBOX command may now
be sent from the host to specify the coordinates of the signature capture area
below that code, and indicating that only that area containing the signature
should be transferred as an image to the host.
8 - 14
Histogram of image at left:


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