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Chapter 9 - Ocr Programming; Ocr Fonts; Ocr - Honeywell 4600RSF051CE User Manual

Commercial/retail/industrial area imager.
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OCR Programming
Use this section to program the Imager for optical character recognition (OCR).
The 2D imager reads 6 to 60 point OCR typeface.
Note: OCR is not as secure as barcodes. To enhance security in OCR
applications, create an OCR template to match the data, and print an
OCR check character.
The 2D imager will read OCR-A, OCR-B, U.S. Currency Serial Number
(Money), MICR E-13B, and SEMI Font.
You can either select an OCR default, or create your own custom template for
the type of OCR format you intend to read. See "OCR" on page 9-1 for pro-
gramming codes that will enable your imager to read OCR-A, OCR-B, U.S. Cur-
rency, MICR E 13 B, or SEMI fonts. See "OCR Templates" on page 9-3 if you
want to create a custom "template," or character string that defines the length
and content of OCR strings that will be read with your imager.
Note: Setting the template and check character options are essential for OCR

OCR Fonts

Default All OCR Settings turns off all OCR capability in the imager, so the
imager will be able to scan linear, stacked, matrix, and composite barcodes, but
not OCR fonts. In addition, any OCR templates you have created are erased.
The eight digit default templates are reinstated for any future use of the OCR
On codes listed below.


Note: OCR symbols can misread when scanned sideways or upside down. Use
presented upright to the imager.
Only one OCR symbology can be read at a time.
OCR-A On allows you to scan characters in the OCR-A font. The default set-
ting allows you to scan any eight digit combination. If you have created an OCR
template, character combinations that fit the template can be scanned (see
Creating an OCR
< Default All OCR Settings >
Orientation, page 3-22, if your OCR symbols will not usually be
Template, page 9-3).
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