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Chapter 8 - Imaging Commands; Single-use Basis; Command Syntax - Honeywell 4600RSF051CE User Manual

Commercial/retail/industrial area imager.
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Imaging Commands
The image scanner is like a digital camera in the way it captures, manipulates,
and transfers images. The following commands allow you to alter the way the
imager performs these functions.

Single-Use Basis

Imaging Commands with their modifiers send instructions to the imager on a
single-use basis, and take effect for a single image capture. Once that capture
is complete, the imager reverts to its imaging default settings. If you want to
permanently change a setting, you must use the serial default commands (see
12). When the serial default command is used, that selection becomes
the new, permanent setting for the imager.

Command Syntax

Multiple modifiers and commands can be issued within one sequence. If addi-
tional modifiers are to be applied to the same command, just add the modifiers
to that command. For example, to add 2 modifiers to the Image Snap com-
mand, such as setting the Imaging Style to 1P and the Wait for Trigger to 1T,
you would enter IMGSNP1P1T.
Note: After processing an image capture command (IMGSNP or IMGBOX), you
must follow it with an IMGSHP command if you want to see it on your
To add a command to a sequence, each new command is separated with a
semicolon. For example, to add the Image Ship command to the above
sequence, you would enter IMGSNP1P1T;IMGSHP.
The imaging commands are:
Image Snap - IMGSNP
Image Ship - IMGSHP
Intelligent Signature Capture - IMGBOX
The modifiers for each of these commands follow the command description.
Note: The images included with each command description are examples only.
The results you achieve may be different from those included in this
manual. The quality of the output you receive will vary depending on
lighting, quality of the initial image/object being captured, and distance of
the imager from the image/object. To achieve a high quality image, it is
recommended that you position your imager 4-6" (122-183 cm) away
from the image/object you are capturing.
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