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Secondary Trigger Mode; Manual/serial Trigger - Honeywell 4600RSF051CE User Manual

Commercial/retail/industrial area imager.
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Secondary Trigger Mode

Manual/Serial Trigger

You can activate the imager either by pressing the trigger, or using a serial trig-
ger command (see
mode, the imager scans until a barcode is read, or until the trigger is released.
When in serial mode, the imager scans until a barcode has been read or until
the deactivate command is sent. The imager can also be set to turn itself off
after a specified time has elapsed (see
Read Time-Out
Use this selection to set a time-out (in milliseconds) of the imager's trigger when
using serial commands to trigger the imager, or if the imager is in manual trigger
mode. Once the imager has timed out, you can activate the imager either by
pressing the trigger or using a serial trigger command. After scanning the Read
Time-Out barcode, set the time-out duration (from 0-300,000 milliseconds) by
scanning digits from the inside back cover, then scanning Save. Default =
Note: Programming Read Time-Out in the secondary interface also programs it
in the primary interface.
Manual Trigger, Low Power
When using Manual Trigger, Low Power, the imager powers down until the trig-
ger is pulled. When the trigger is pulled, the imager powers up and operates
until there is no triggering for the time set with the Low Power Time-Out bar-
code below. There is a delay of up to one second in operation when the imager
is first triggered, but there is no delay when operating in low power time-out
Note: Manual Trigger, Low Power cannot be used with keyboard wedge
6 - 6
Trigger Commands
* Manual/Serial Trigger
Read Time-Out
Manual Trigger, Low Power
on page 12-4). When in manual trigger
Time-Out, which follows).


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