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Setting The Data Collection Schedule - HP b2600 User Reference

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SCR Overview
Configuring SCR

Setting the Data Collection Schedule

The next step is to set up a day and time for the first data collection on
each registered node. SCR will collect data automatically at that day
and time each week. It takes a "snapshot" of the node data and stores it
in the repository.
Set the data collection schedule with the scrconfig command. For
example, enter the following command to set scheduled data collection
time at 12:05 Feb 7, 1999 for managed node elsa.
# scrconfig –n elsa –s 199902071205
As before, -n specifies a particular node that is named immediately
afterward. The -s option tells SCR to collect data at the time that
follows. Enter the time as shown above, with the full year digits,
followed without spaces by the month, day, and time digits. Time uses
the 24-hour clock.
To confirm that you entered the current schedule parameters correctly,
enter the following command:
# scrconfig –n elsa –l
The -l option tells SCR to list the schedule details for elsa on stdout.
The result resembles the following example:
02/07/1999 13:05 PST
This example shows that data will be collected from node elsa at 1:05
PM Pacific Standard Time on February 7, 1999, and will occur each day
after that at the same time. Snapshots will be deleted automatically
when they are three months old. (Snapshots that have been named
with the scrtag command will not be deleted. See the scrtag(1M) man
page in Chapter 3 for details.) The timeout parameter indicates that
SCR will try to collect data for five minutes each time, before giving up.
Data collection interval, expiration, and timeout parameters can be
customized on the command line, as well. See the scrconfig(1M) man
page or the description of the scrconfig command in Chapter 3 for
If you omit the -n option and node name, scrconfig lists schedule
details for all registered nodes. A daemon invoked by the init process
controls data collection.
You can disable automatic data collection with the command:
# scrconfig –s off
1 day
3 months
5 minutes
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