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HP b2600 User Reference page 45

Hp b2600: reference guide
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-t [ timeout | off] If timeout is not specified, list the default data
If configuration parameters or managed nodes are modified, some of the
following messages are output.
" node " is registered as a
managed node. Default parameters are applied:
" node " is removed from the managed node list.
Default parameter is set to:
Parameter for
" node " is set to:
Environment Variable
collection timeout value. If timeout is specified, set the
data collection timeout value to the specified value. If
the keyword off is specified, no timeout will occur. The
timeout format is a numeric value in the range 1 to 99
with a suffix of h(our) or m(inute). The initial value is
15m (fifteen minutes). The data collection unit is based
on the MIF component. If the execution time to collect
configuration data exceeds the timeout value, the data
collection is canceled. If the -n option with node name
is provided with the -s option, list or set the timeout
value of the specified node.
Schedule time:
Expiration period:
Collection timeout:
Expiration period:
Schedule time:
TZ determines the conversion between the system time
in UTC and the time in the user's local time zone. See
environ (5) and tztab (4).
SCR Reference (man Pages)
MM/DD/YYYY hh:mm tz
n days
n months
n minutes
scrconfig (1M) - Formats


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