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Change Management - HP b2600 User Reference

Hp b2600: reference guide
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Change Management

SCR can complement your system change management process by
keeping good records of changes and alerting you to unplanned
• You can configure SCR to automatically take periodic snapshots.
• You can take snapshots whenever you want them.
• You can tailor reports to compare the current system state to
previous states.
• You can generate records of all reports.
Use the scrupdate, scrconfig, and scrhist commands to perform
change management, as follows:
1. Complete the initial configuration steps described in this chapter.
2. Take an initial snapshot of the systems as they are, to provide a base
for detecting future changes:
scrupdate -a
3. Set SCR to collect data weekly or as often as you wish:
scrconfig -i lw
4. Have SCR email a system history report to you. (Remember that
SCR will not store a snapshot if the node has not changed since the
last snapshot.)
5. When you receive the email, order a scrdiff report on the system
nodes that showed differences, to see what they are.
scrdiff node1 : time node2 : time
Chapter 2
SCR Overview
Additional Uses of SCR


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