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Disaster Recovery - HP b2600 User Reference

Hp b2600: reference guide
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SCR Overview
Additional Uses of SCR

Disaster Recovery

SCR can also help with disaster recovery by showing you a comparison
of the system state before and after recovery. To make disaster recovery
most effective, set scrconfig to collect data weekly or more often, as
described in step 3 above.
1. After restoring your system, ensure that DMI is installed and all
nodes are configured for access by the CMS.
2. Collect data from the restored system:
scrupdate -n node1
3. Make sure the data collection was successful:
4. Compare that data with the data that existed before the disaster
scrdiff node1 : time node1 :lastest
5. Make changes to the system to complete the restoration, if
This disaster recovery process can be used for more routine situations,
such as preparing for a reboot or an operating system upgrade.
As you see, SCR is a powerful and flexible tool for system
administration and management. You may devise uses for it that we
have not thought of!
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