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Using The Probe Filter - HP b2600 User Reference

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Using the Probe Filter

The Probe filter determines what information is collected from DMI
components, groups, and attributes. The Probe filter determines what is
stored in the SCR Repository. You can set Probe filter extension flags to
collect (on) or not collect (off) specific information from the nodes, or to
collect or not collect from newly detected components, groups, or
For a description of the Probe filter, see "scrfilter (1M)" on page 53 in
Chapter 3.
We have set the Probe filter to maintain a balance, in usual system
environments, between capturing too much information and not
capturing enough. We recommend that you play with SCR and tune the
Probe filter until it meets your needs. Try various settings before
releasing it to the production environment, keeping in mind the
following considerations:
• If you capture too much information, the process may take too much
time and use a lot of system resources.
• If you capture too little information, you might miss data that is
important to managing your system.
• The Probe filter setting is a large factor in determining the number
of nodes you can manage from a server. It determines the Repository
size and the time required to capture data from each node. A full
snapshot on a mid-range server could take more than an hour and
produce 8 MBytes of data.
• SCR does not store a snapshot unless something in it has changed
since the previous snapshot. Since certain DMI values, such as
"Used Disk Space", change frequently, Probe is set by default not to
collect such attributes. If you change it to collect such information,
every snapshot might be stored in the Repository.
If you change the Probe filter settings, you can see the effect by taking a
new snapshot and running scrdiff on the old and new snapshots. The
output of scrdiff indicates missing data with a dash (-).
Chapter 2
SCR Overview
Using Filters


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