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Hp b2600: reference guide
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Applying a Filter To filter the report so this component information will not appear,
perform the following steps:
1. Use scrfilter to create your own view filter named "NoSoftware":
2. Use scrfilter to set the filter extension flag to keep the component's
3. Use the NoSoftware filter with the scrviewer command, as shown
Suppose you only wanted to filter out a group from the HP-UX Installed
Software Definition component and not the entire component. You could
filter the Subproducts group from the report with the following
# scrfilter –p NoSoftware "HP-UX Installed Software Definition" \
Since the example showed subproducts information, you would see
none of the information shown above. You would, however, see a report
about bundles and products and all the other information associated
with the HP-UX Installed Software Definition component.
Editing a Filter
You can modify a filter by sending the definition to a file, editing the file
and then loading the modified filter definition. This method is
recommended for changing more than one value. See "scrfilter (1M)" on
page 53 for details.
1. Dump a filter definition to a file by executing:
2. Edit the filter definition now contained in fileName.
3. Input the modified filter definition by executing:
Chapter 2
# scrfilter –c Template NoSoftware
This command, makes a copy of the standard filter, Template, and
names it NoSoftware. Template is one of the standard filters
described under the next heading.
attributes out of the report.
# scrfilter –s NoSoftware "HP-UX Installed Software Definition" off
The -s option sets the filter for the component to off, as specified
after the component name.
# scrviewer –f NoSoftware elsa:199904181305
The -f option tells scrviewer to use the filter that follows it. The
HP-UX Installed Software component is excluded from the report.
You will see none of the information shown in the example.
"Subproducts" off
# scrfilter -o filterName fileName
# scrfilter -i fileName
SCR Overview
Using Filters


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