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Hp b2600: reference guide
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SCR Reference (man Pages)
scrlog_viewer (1M) - EXAMPLES
Capture the current contents of the SCR logfile using default filtering,
and put into the file scr.out:
scrlog_viewer -n > scr.out
The following example does the same thing:
scrlog_viewer -o scr.out
View only the commands executed between 8am June 5, 1999 and 10pm
August 14, 1999:
scrlog_viewer -s 0605080099 -e 0814220099 -lC
Non-interactively read data from stdin, timestamp it, and save the
result in the file stdin.out:
cat datafile | scrlog_viewer -t -o stdin.out
/var/opt/scr/log/scrlog.log SCR logfile.
/var/opt/scr/log/scrlog.old Archived version of scrlog.log,
/tmp/LFV_ <pid> Temporary files used by scrlog_viewer.
/tmp/LFV_RUN <pid>
The -t option enables automatic timestamping. If
specified, each log entry is tagged with the time of day
at which it was written. Timestamping is disabled by
The -n option forces non-interactive behavior. If
specified, scrlog_viewer runs non-interactively, using
the default or specified values for all supported options
and source/destination files.
Specifies the name of the file from which log data is
read. The format of the data in the specified file must
be the same as that used for raw SCR logfile data. If
omitted, the SCR logfile is read. If file is -, stdin is
read and scrlog_viewer runs non-interactively. If
given, file must be the last argument specified on the
command line.
created when the logfile is automatically trimmed by
SCR when its size becomes too large. Its contents are
included in the log entries read by scrlog_viewer.


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