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Using Filters - HP b2600 User Reference

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Using Filters

Component information collected by SCR might include information
you do not want to see. With scrfilter, you can create a view or
display filter to limit the information SCR shows you or prints. While
the scrfilter command generally does not change what information is
collected (only limiting the information you see or print), the probe
filter (see "Using the Probe Filter" on page 29) actually determines the
data collected by SCR.
With the scrfilter command, you can designate a filter extension flag
for a MIF component, group, or attribute. If the extension flag is on,
information about the object will be viewed. If it is off, the information
will not be viewed.
• "Simple Filter Example" on page 26
— "Default scrviewer Report" on page 26
— "Applying a Filter" on page 27
— "Editing a Filter Definition" on page 27
• "Standard Filters" on page 28
• "Using the Probe Filter" on page 29
Chapter 2
SCR Overview
Using Filters


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