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HP b2600 User Reference page 59

Hp b2600: reference guide
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System Configuration Repository provides nine default filters, the
collection filter, the template view filter and seven other pre-defined
view filters. User-defined view filters can be created by copying the
template or another view filter and modifying it. Filter names must be
alphanumeric without white space or tabulation.
The filter names Probe and Template are reserved. Operations to
remove or rename both filters are prohibited. The seven other
pre-defined view filters can be removed or renamed like user-defined
view filters.
Disk, FileSystem, LVM, Network, Patch, Software and
SystemProperty: These are examples of view filter. These are free to
DMI defines hierarchical data levels: component, group, and attribute
(in the order of high to low level). If view or collection flags are set
different among these levels, the value off for higher data has
precedence over the value on for lower data to display or collect the
lower data. For example, if the component is set off and group is set on,
the group is not displayed or collected.
Rules are:
Filter data version is unexpected.
Collection filter used by scrupdate command.
Customers are recommended not to modify these
settings. The collection filter disables by default
"dynamic information", such as system date, number of
processes in DMTF UNIX standard MIF. Enabling
these attributes greatly increases the disk space
consumed by SCR. This filter is prohibited from
removing and renaming by -d and -m options.
Read only template view filter. The filter can be used to
generate new filters. It is prohibited to modify the filter
by -d, -i, -m, -o, -s, -S, and -u options.
modify, rename and remove like user-defined view
If all view or collection flags for target and higher data are on, then
target data is displayed or collected.
If some view or collection flags for target or higher data are off, the
target data is not displayed or collected.
SCR Reference (man Pages)
scrfilter (1M) - NOTE


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