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HP b2600 Upgrade Instructions

Visualize c class unix workstations
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HP Visualize C Class UNIX® Workstations
Upgrade Instructions
Manufacturing Part Number: A9365-90000
Edition E0802
© Copyright 2002 by Hewlett-Packard



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  • Page 1 HP Visualize C Class UNIX® Workstations PA8700 Upgrade Instructions Manufacturing Part Number: A9365-90000 Edition E0802 © Copyright 2002 by Hewlett-Packard...
  • Page 2: Hewlett-Packard Warranty Statement

    No part of this document may be photocopied, reproduced or translated to another language without the prior written consent of Hewlett-Packard Company. Hewlett-Packard Warranty Statement Refer to Warranty & Support for your HP Workstation for warranty terms applicable to your Hewlett-Packard product and replacement parts. Restricted Rights Legend Use, duplication, or disclosure by the U.S.
  • Page 3: Getting Started

    Getting Started The following important information must be adhered to for proper removal and replacement of all Hewlett-Packard parts. CAUTION This upgrade process should be performed by experienced hardware users only. Chapter 1...
  • Page 4: Safety Warnings

    flat, stable surface, such as a table top or workbench. NOTE Installing the recommended HP replacement part in your B Class and C Class workstation does not affect the regulatory and safety classifications or approvals listed in the original owner’s guide.
  • Page 5: Replacement Part Kit Contents

    Replacement Part Kit Contents Take a moment to verify that your kit contains the following contents: • System board upgrad tray assembly • Electrostatic Discharge (ESD) materials • Removal/Replacement Instructions If you are missing any part or any documentation, please call your designated service representative.
  • Page 6: Required Tools

    Getting Started Required Tools Required Tools You will need the following tools for removal/replacement procedures: • T-10 and/or T-15 Torque drivers • ESD materials • Sufficient ESD protected surfaces on which to lay out parts Chapter 1...
  • Page 7 1. Prepare your workstation - Verify that you have the correct version of HP-UX. - Determine and WRITE DOWN the LAN ID of your system. You may need to re-enter it in the new system board.
  • Page 8: Preparing Your Workstation

    (June 2001) to accommodate the PA8700 upgrade. Use the command uname -r to determine the revision of your operating system. It should report B.11.00. if you are running an HP-UX 11.0 operating system. If the workstation is running an older version of HP-UX, update the operating system software before continuing. Use the...
  • Page 9: Safely Powering Down The B Class And C Class Workstation

    Safely Powering Down the B Class and C Class Workstation You must complete the following steps before performing any of the removal and replacement procedures: CAUTION Do not use the power supply interlock thumbscrew on the rear panel to power down the workstation.
  • Page 10: Product Exploded Diagram

    Getting Started Product Exploded Diagram Product Exploded Diagram Refer to the figure below for a basic parts overview of the B Class and C Class workstations. Figure 1-1 Exploded View I/O Fan/Speaker Bracket System-Board Fans Power Supply Side Panel I/O Fan Speaker Chassis I/O Card...
  • Page 11: Upgrading Your System

    Upgrading Your System This chapter describes how to upgrade the labels on your workstation’s bezel and how to remove and replace the System Board for the B Class and C Class workstation. Bezel Labels If you are upgrading your system board to change your workstation, you will receive an upgrade kit that includes the appropriate labels for your workstations bezel.
  • Page 12 These labels were shipped with your upgrade kit. To attach these labels to your workstation’s bezel, follow these steps: 1. Insert the rivets of the bezel label with the HP logo on it into the rivet holes at the top of the bezel. See Figure 2-3.
  • Page 13 2. Remove the protective cover from the back of the sticker labeled “hp workstation c3700” and attach it to the bezel as shown in Figure 2-4. Figure 2-4 Attaching the HP Workstation Model Number Label to the Bezel Chapter 2...
  • Page 14 Upgrading Your System Removing all Terminators and Cables Removing all Terminators and Cables 1. After powering down the workstation as described in the “Getting Started” chapter, unplug the power cable from the back of the workstation. To avoid ESD damage to components, carefully follow the ESD procedures (also described in the “Getting Started”...
  • Page 15: Removing The Side Panel

    Removing the Side Panel 1. Remove the two T-15 Torx thumbscrews located in the top and bottom right edge of the back side of the workstation, as shown below. Figure 2-6 Opened Side Panel Side-Panel Thumbscrew 2. Remove the left side panel by grasping the back edge of the panel and rotating the panel outward as shown above.
  • Page 16: Removing The Power Supply

    Upgrading Your System Removing the Power Supply Removing the Power Supply 1. Position the workstation on its side so the power supply label is facing you. It is best to use a cushioned surface to protect the exterior of the system from damage. 2.
  • Page 17 4. Using the handle, lift up the power supply and place the bail in the bail lock to hold the power supply upright. Figure 2-8 Tipping Up the Power Supply Spring Hinge Bail Lock Bail 5. Disconnect the four cables shown below located below the raised power supply: three system power cables and the SCA hard disk backplane cable.
  • Page 18 Upgrading Your System Removing the Hard Disk Fan 6. Remove the power supply from the workstation: a. Holding the power supply handle, remove the bail from the bail lock (see a. Slide the spring hinge lever toward the front of the workstation and rotate it downward to lock it in place (see Figure 2-8 on page 15 a.
  • Page 19: Removing The Memory Cards (Dimms)

    Upgrading Your System Removing the Memory Cards (DIMMs) Removing the Memory Cards (DIMMs) 1. Press downward on the ejector tabs located on each side of the memory card (DIMM) slot. Figure 2-11 Removing a DIMM 2. Grasp the memory card by its edges and lift it straight out. Place the card on the conductive sheeting. 3.
  • Page 20: Removing The Air Divider

    Upgrading Your System Removing the Air Divider Removing the Air Divider 1. Remove the PCI retainer clip by pulling evenly in the direction of the “Pull” tabs on the clip and lifting it out of the workstation. Figure 2-12 Removing the Air Divider 2.
  • Page 21 Removing the PCI I/O Card(s) CAUTION When removing a PCI I/O card, do not rock it from side to side, or the card may be damaged. After removing each I/O card, locate the label which indicates the PCI installation sequence, and place it on the conductive sheeting until needed for re-assembly.
  • Page 22: Disconnecting The Cables

    Upgrading Your System Disconnecting the Cables Disconnecting the Cables 1. Disconnect the following nine cables from the system board: • Fan cables for top and bottom system-board fans and I/O fan • Power cable for Optical Device • Data cables for Optical Device and floppy drive •...
  • Page 23: Removing And Replacing The System Board

    Removing and Replacing the System Board WARNING To avoid system damage, make sure your static-grounding strap is securely attached to your wrist and to the bare metal on the workstation. Removing the old System Board 1. Ensure all workstation cables are out of the way to avoid interference or damage when you remove the system board tray.
  • Page 24: Installing The New System Board

    Upgrading Your System Removing and Replacing the System Board Installing the new System Board 1. Position the system board tray in the new chassis. When it is flat in the workstation, align the system board tray’s keyholes with the standoffs on the side wall of the chassis, and then slide the system board tray toward the back of the workstation to seat the standoffs into their corresponding keyholes.
  • Page 25: Reconnecting Cables

    Reconnecting Cables 1. Connect the following nine cables to their respective connectors on the system board (which, for clarity, is again shown outside the chassis): • Fan cables for top and bottom system-board fans and I/O fan • Power cable for Optical Device •...
  • Page 26 Upgrading Your System Reinserting PCI I/O Cards Reinserting PCI I/O Cards NOTE Reference the PCI label in the system for correct installation procedure. When installing a PCI I/O card, do not rock it from side to side, or the card may be damaged. CAUTION CAUTION To ensure optimum system performance and prevent system damage, install all I/O cards into...
  • Page 27 Reinstalling the Air Divider 1. Slide the air divider into the workstation. 2. Replace the two T-15 Torx screws—one on the back and one on the side—that secure the air divider to the chassis. 3. Replace the PCI retainer clip by inserting its bottom end into the hole in the air divider, and then pushing upward and inward—making sure that all the PCI cards’...
  • Page 28 Upgrading Your System Reinserting the Memory Cards (DIMMs) Reinserting the Memory Cards (DIMMs) 1. Make sure the ejector tabs are angled outward. Next, align the notched edge of the memory card with its slot. Insert the memory card and firmly and evenly push down on each side to lock it into place.
  • Page 29 Reinstalling the Hard Disk Fan 1. Locate the area next to the DIMMs from which the fan was removed. 2. Align the hard-disk fan with the fan bracket guide and slide it into place, making sure the tabs engage the holes in the chassis.
  • Page 30: Reinstalling The Power Supply

    Upgrading Your System Reinstalling the Power Supply Reinstalling the Power Supply 1. To install the power supply: a. Pick up the power supply by the handle and position its right-side hinge pin into the right side hinge bracket, as shown below. b.
  • Page 31 3. Lift the handle edge of the power supply enough to allow the bail lock to be disengaged from the bail, fold the bail lock down, and the lower the power supply back into place. 4. Alternately tighten the two captive T-15 Torx screws in the corners of the power supply. Figure 2-25 Power Supply Screws and Handles T15 Torx...
  • Page 32: Replacing The Left Side Panel

    Upgrading Your System Replacing the Left Side Panel Replacing the Left Side Panel 1. Replace the left side panel by holding it an angle and inserting its top and bottom hinge hooks with their respective slots in the chassis. Swing the back edge of the panel toward the back of the workstation and press the panel firmly into place.
  • Page 33: Verifying System Operations

    Wrapping Up This section contains information to help you confirm that your removal and replacement procedure was successful. In some cases you will need to use specific HP-UX commands and utilities to reconfigure the workstation to recognize the replacement part(s).
  • Page 34 Wrapping Up Verifying System Operations Chapter 3...