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Scrfilter (1M) - HP b2600 User Reference

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scrfilter (1M)
scrfilter – list, set, create, modify, and delete SCR view and collection filters
/opt/scr/bin/scrfilter [ -l [ filter [ component [ group
[ attribute ]]]]]
/opt/scr/bin/scrfilter -s filter [ component [ group
[ attribute ]]] { on|off}
/opt/scr/bin/scrfilter -S filter
component group attribute { pattern |reset}
/opt/scr/bin/scrfilter -c filter new_filter
/opt/scr/bin/scrfilter -m filter new_filter
/opt/scr/bin/scrfilter -d filter
/opt/scr/bin/scrfilter -u filter
/opt/scr/bin/scrfilter -i file
/opt/scr/bin/scrfilter -o filter file
scrfilter provides functions to create and control view and collection
filter. View filters can be used by scrdiff and scrviewer to filter out
uninteresting configuration data. The collection filter, Probe, is used by
scrupdate to filter out collection configuration data.
scrfilter lists defined filter names, creates, deletes and renames
filters, displays filter settings, sets view or collection flags for specified
component/group/attribute values, and updates filters with current
DMI information provided by DMI from the managed nodes.
Filter names must start with an alphabetic character. Optional
following characters need to be one of alphabet(A-Z,a-z), digit(0-9),
plus(+), hyphen(-) or underscore(_).
The view extension flags, on and off, are set by copying and modifying
the Template view filter. Template can also be used as a default filter.
The collection extension flags, on and off, detemine whether
scrupdate collects configuration data for a specified or newly detected
component, group, or attribute. See the -s and -u options for details.
See also "List Filter Contents" in the Examples section.
SCR Reference (man Pages)
scrfilter (1M) - DESCRIPTION


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