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Configuring Scr; Registering Managed Nodes - HP b2600 User Reference

Hp b2600: reference guide
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SCR Overview
Configuring SCR
Configuring SCR
SCR must be configured to perform its data gathering and storing
tasks. Use the scrconfig command to specify SCR tasks for each
managed node.

Registering Managed Nodes

To begin, each managed node must be registered using the scrconfig
command. To register a managed node named
, type the following
command on your management server:
# scrconfig –n +elsa
The -n option to the scrconfig command applies the command to a
particular node. The + sign tells SCR to add the node. A - sign would
remove the node. This node is named elsa.
The request to register a managed node may fail if DMI is not properly
configured on the node or disallows access to the node from the CMS.
Repeat this operation for each system node that you want to track. You
can add multiple nodes with one command:
# scrconfig –n + node1 + node2 + node3
Substitute your node names for node1 , etc. above. You can add as many
nodes as you want in one command. As the Repository can become quite
large, we recommend a maximum of 20 to 50 nodes per CMS, depending
on your CMS resources.
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