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Scrlog_Viewer (1M) - HP b2600 User Reference

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scrlog_viewer (1M)

scrlog_viewer – view and/or save SCR logfile
/opt/scr/bin/scrlog_viewer [-s MMDDhhmm [[ CC ] YY ]] [-e
MMDDhhmm [[ CC ] YY ]]
[-t] [-n] [ file ]
The scrlog_viewer command enables the viewing of part or all of the
SCR logfile (or another file containing data in the same format) at
varying levels of detail.
The scrlog_viewer command executes in either interactive or
non-interactive mode, depending on the options given. In
non-interactive mode, scrlog_viewer filters the log file and writes the
resulting data either to stdout or to a destination file, if specified. In
interactive mode, scrlog_viewer displays a graphical user interface
that enables filtering, saving one or more versions of the log file to other
files, scrolling back and forth among the logfile entries, etc.
scrlog_viewer does not modify the contents of the SCR logfile. The
contents of the log file are filtered and displayed according to the
settings of the available filters. Multiple instances of scrlog_viewer
can be run simultaneously.
scrlog_viewer supports four types of filters: level of detail, component,
date/time, and user filters. These filters can be used in combination to
provide highly selective logfile viewing.
The level of detail filters control how much detail is displayed. The SCR
logfile may contain entries of many different types. The entry types
currently supported are: summary, detail, error, and note. The level of
detail filters display some or all of these entry types, depending on
which filter is chosen. The level of detail filters are:
Commands Only Displays only the literal commands that were
[-l detail ] [-c component ] [-u user ] [-o ofile ]
Displays only the higher level messages. These include
summary , error , and note entry types.
Includes Summary level of detail, and adds detail log
entries. If no level of detail is specified this is the
executed. These commands may include HP-UX
commands as well as SCR commands.
SCR Reference (man Pages)
scrlog_viewer (1M) - DESCRIPTION


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