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Hp b2600: reference guide
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SCR Overview
The Configuration Management component provides the scrconfig
and scrstatus commands. Scrconfig maintains the configuration
data collection schedule and managed node list. Scrstatus generates a
status summary report of data collection activity.
The Data Management component provides the scrdaemon, scrupdate,
and scrdelete commands. Scrupdate collects configuration data from
a managed node through the DMI interface and stores data in the
repository. Scrdelete removes specified or expired configuration data
from the Repository. Scrdaemon invokes scrupdate based on the data
collection schedule maintained by Configuration Management
The Filter Management component provides the scrfilter command
to refer to and update view filters. View filters are stored in the SCR
The Presentation component provides the scrhist, scrdiff, and
scrviewer commands. These commands retrieve stored configuration
information and display it in human readable format.
The Tag Management component provides user friendly naming
capability for a snapshot. Using scrtag, you can change the name
"200102010005" for a snapshot to "StableSystem". You can then use
StableSystem instead of 200102010005 in commands to the
Presentation components scrdiff and scrviewer.
The Log Component provides the scrlog_viewer command. This
command displays all SCR activities that have been recorded in a log
file with a graphical user interface.
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