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Scrconfig (1M) - HP b2600 User Reference

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scrconfig (1M)
scrconfig – configure and query configuration parameters of SCR
/opt/scr/bin/scrconfig [-f outfile ]
/opt/scr/bin/scrconfig -l [-n node ] [-f outfile ]
/opt/scr/bin/scrconfig -d [-f outfile ]
/opt/scr/bin/scrconfig -n [{+ |- } node ... ] [-f outfile ]
/opt/scr/bin/scrconfig -s [ schedule_time | off] [-n node ] [-f
outfile ]
/opt/scr/bin/scrconfig -i [ interval | off] [-n node ] [-f
outfile ]
/opt/scr/bin/scrconfig -e [ expiration | off] [-n node ] [-f
outfile ]
/opt/scr/bin/scrconfig -t [ timeout | off] [-n node ] [-f
outfile ]
scrconfig provides a reference and update interface for System
Configuration Repository (SCR) specific configuration parameters. The
configuration parameters are:
Managed Node List hostnames targeted by management
Data Collection Schedule next scheduled collection time and current
Database Expiration amount of time to keep new information
Probe Timeout length of time scrupdate will attempt to collect
The latter three parameters can be customized for each managed node.
-e [ expiration | off] If an expiration period is not specified, list the
collection interval
configuration data from a node
List the default parameter values. The parameters
listed are managed node list, probe schedule, data
expiration, and timeout.
default expiration period. If the expiration period is
specified, the expiration period of the repository is set.
The format of expiration is a numeric value in the
SCR Reference (man Pages)
scrconfig (1M) - DESCRIPTION


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