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SCR Reference (man Pages)
scrdelete (1M) - DESCRIPTION

scrdelete (1M)

scrdelete – remove SCR configuration information from the database
/opt/scr/bin/scrdelete {-a | -n node } [ -f] [-p time1 [ time2 ]]
scrdelete removes specified configuration information from the
System Configuration Repository. scrdelete is invoked by scrupdate
to maintain the expiration period. The expiration period is set by
scrconfig. Without the -p option, scrdelete removes expired
configuration information. With the -p option, scrdelete removes
specified configuration information. Examine configuration information
of all nodes with the -a option, or of specified nodes with the -n option.
If configuration information is associated with user defined tags by
scrtag, the information is not removed without the -f option.
-n node
-p time1 [ time2 ] Remove configuration information within a specific
Upon completion the following messages are output to indicate removed
configuration information.
Configuration data for " node : time " is deleted.
Examine configuration information of all nodes to
Force removal of configuration information associated
with user defined tags, in addition to information not
associated with any user defined tags.
Examine configuration information of the specified
node to remove.
time range or at a specific time. time1 and time2 must
have the format YYYYMMDD [ hh [ mm ]]. If the hour and
minute are not specified, the defaults are 0000 for
time1 and 2359 for time2 . If the minute is not
specified, the defaults are 00 for time1 and 59 for
time2 .


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