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Step 11: Slide Dishwasher Into Cabinet; Step 12: Position And Level Dishwasher - GE 206C1559P195 Installation Instructions Manual

Built-in dishwasher
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Dishwasher Installation


Do not push against the front
panel with knees. Damage will occur.
• Grasp the sides of the front panel and slide the
dishwasher into the opening a few inches at
a time. Pull the drain hose and power cord, if
equipped, through the holes in the adjacent
cabinet while sliding the dishwasher into position.
Figure Q
Check the tub insulation blanket, if equipped, to
be sure it is smoothly wrapped around the tub.
It should not be "bunched up" and it must not
interfere with the door springs. If the insulation
is "bunched up" or interfering with the springs,
straighten and re-center the blanket prior to sliding
the dishwasher into its final position.
• Make sure the drain hose is not kinked under or
behind the dishwasher.
• Make certain the house wiring, drain line and
water line do not interfere with components under
the dishwasher.
• The dishwasher tub flange should be
approximately 3/4" behind the face of the adjacent
cabinet. Refer to Figure R.
Tip: Avoid unnecessary service charges for panel
Do not press on the center of panel with hands or
knees when sliding dishwasher into position.
Dishwasher must be level for
proper dish rack operation, wash performance
and door operation. The dishwasher must be
leveled left to right and front to back. This ensures
that the dish racks will not roll in or out on their
own, circulation water will flow to the pump inlet,
and the door will close without hitting the side of
the tub.
• Remove the lower dish rack and place a level on
the door and lower rack track as shown in Figure R.
Figure R
• Adjust the level of the dishwasher by individually
turning the four legs on the bottom of the
dishwasher as illustrated in Figure S.
Turn Legs
to Adjust
Figure S
• The dishwasher is properly leveled when the level
indicator is centered left to right and front to back.
The dishwasher door should close without hitting
the sides of the tub.
• Replace the lower rack.
Tip: Avoid unnecessary service charges for poor
wash performance and rack operation.
Pull the dish racks half way out. They should remain
stationary. Open and close the door. The door should
fit in the tub opening without hitting the side of the
tub. If the racks roll on their own, or the door hits the
side of the tub, relevel the dishwasher.


Table of Contents

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