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Whirlpool AWG 1212/PRO Instructions For Use Manual page 43

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Table of Contents
Possible Cause
Automatic load redistribution
Pump clogged
Incomplete cycle
Drain hose is kinked or improperly
or timer not
Household drain may be clogged
Drain hose siphoning; drain hose
pushed too far down the drain
Cabinet moving
All rubber leveling legs are not
Loud or unusual
firmly touching the floor
noise; vibration or
Unbalanced load
Pump clogged
Washer is unplugged
Water supply is turned off
No power/washer
Circuit breaker/fuse is
not working or
Automatic self system checks
Snags, holes,
Pens, pencils, nails, screws or other
tears, rips or
objects left in pockets
excessive wear
Pins, snaps, hooks, sharp buttons,
belt buckles, zippers and sharp
objects left in pockets
Control time
This is normal
Not enough water
This is normal
Washer pauses or
has to be
restarted, or
Pump clogged
washer door is
locked and will
not open
Door unlocks or
This is normal
press Start and
machine doesn't
Incorrect operation
What To Do
• Timer adds 3 minutes to cycle for each rebalance.
11 or 15 rebalances may be done. This is normal operation.
Do nothing; the machine will finish the wash cycle.
• See how to clean the Pump Filter.
• Straighten drain hose and make sure washer is not sitting on it.
• Check household plumbing. You may need to call be clogged a
• Ensure there is an air gap between hose and drain.
• Washer is designed to move 1/4" to reduce forces transmitted
to the floor. This movement is normal.
• Push and pull on the back right and then back left of your
washer to check if it is level. If the washer is uneven, adjust the
rubber leveling legs so they are all firmly touching the floor and
locked in place. Your installer should correct this problem.
• Open door and manually redistribute load. To check machine,
run rinse and spin with no load. If normal, unbalance was
caused by load.
• See how to clean the Pump Filter.
• Make sure cord is plugged securely into a working outlet.
• Turn both hot and cold faucets fully on.
• Check house circuit breakers/fuses. Replace fuses or reset
breaker. Washer should have separate outlet.
• First time the washer is plugged in, automatic checks occur. It
may take up to 20 seconds before you can use your washer.
This is normal operation.
• Do not exceed maximum recommended load sizes.
See recommended maximum load sizes.
• Remove loose items from pockets.
• Fasten snaps, hooks, buttons and zippers.
• During spin the washer may need to rebalance the load
sometimes to reduce vibrations. When this happens, the
estimated time is increased causing time left to increase or
• Horizontal washers do not require the tub to fill with water like
top-load washers.
• See how to clean the Pump Filter.
• Front-load washers start up differently than top-load washers,
and it takes 30 seconds to check the system.
The door will lock and unlock.
• Simply open and close the door firmly; then press Start.

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Table of Contents