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Whirlpool AWG 1212/PRO Instructions For Use Manual page 34

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Soil Level
Changing the Soil level increases or decreases the wash time to remove different amounts of soil.
To change the Soil level, press the Soil level pad until you have reached the desired setting.
Spin Speed
Changing the Spin speed changes the final spin speed of the cycles. Always follow the fabric
manufacturer's care label when changing the spin speed.
To change the spin speed, press the Spin speed pad until you have reached the desired setting.
Higher spin speeds are not available on certain cycles, such as Delicates.
Higher spin speeds remove more water from the clothes and will help reduce dry time, but may also
increase the possibility of setting wrinkles on some fabrics.
Wash Temp
Adjust to select the proper water temperature for the wash cycle. The prewash and rinse water is
always cold to help reduce energy usage and reduce setting of stains and wrinkles.
Follow the fabric manufacturer's care label when selecting the wash temperature.
To change the wash temperature, press the Wash Temp pad until you have reached the desired
NOTE: The first 10 seconds of the wash fill is always cold. This feature assists in conditioning the
fabric and preventing stains from setting on garments.
Start/Add a Garment
Press to start a wash cycle. If the washer is running, pressing it once will pause the washer and
unlock the door. Press again to restart the wash cycle.
NOTE: If the washer is paused and the cycle is not restarted within 2 hours, the current wash cycle
will be cancelled.
NOTE: The washer performs automatic system checks after pressing the Start pad. Water will flow
in 45 seconds or less. You may hear the door lock and unlock before water flows; this is normal.
Cycle Signal
Use the Signal pad to change the volume of the end of cycle signal.
press the pad until you rerach the desired volume.
Extra Rinse
Use an extra rinse when additional rinsing is desired to remove excess dirt and detergent from
soiled loads.
You can lock the controls to prevent any selections from being made. Or you can lock the controls
after you have stared a cycle.
To lock the washer controls, press and hold the Lock pad for 3 seconds.
To unlock the washer controls, press and hold the Lock pad for 3 seconds
The control lock icon on the display will light up when it is on.
NOTE: the Power pad can still be used when the machine is locked.
Children cannot accidentally start the washer by touching pads with this option selected.

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Table of Contents

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