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About The Washer Control Panel - Whirlpool AWG 1212/PRO Instructions For Use Manual

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Find the illustration that closely matches your model and see the descriptions for details.
Press to "wake up" the display. If the display is active, press to put the washer into standby mode.
NOTE: Pressing ON/Off does not disconnect the appliance from the power supply.
Wash Cycles
The wash cycles are optimized for specific types of wash loads. The chart below will help you match
the wash setting with the loads. The GentleClean™ lifters lightly tumble the clothes into the water
and detergent solution to clean the load.
Max. load is 12KG. Slightly to normally soiled blouses, shirts etc. made of polyester
(Diolen, Trevira), polyamide (Perlon, Nylon) or blends with cotton.
Max. load is 12KG. Normally soiled and sweaty sportswear made of cotton jersey or
Max. load is 10KG. Normally to heavily soiled washable cleaning cloths, mops, towls and
similar laundry made of robust cotton cloth types.
Max. load is 12KG. Normally to heavily soiled towels, underwear, table and bed linen
etc. made of cotton and linen.
Max. load is 7KG. Blankets made of synthetic fibres, bedcovers filled with polyester or
other artifical fibres, sleeping bags, bathmats and similar items.
Max. load is 6KG. Textiles made of silk, linen, wool and viscose marked as
Max. load is 7KG. For lightly soiled items that are needed in a hurry. Cycle time is
approximately 30 minutes, depending on selected options.
Max. load is 12KG. To quickly drain and spin out any items at any time.
Max. load is 0KG. Use for cleaning the basket of residue and odor. Recommended use
of once per month
NOTE: Never load laundry while using Tub Clean. The laundry may become damaged
or contaminated. See the Care and Cleaning section.


Table of Contents

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