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About The Washer Features - Whirlpool AWG 1212/PRO Instructions For Use Manual

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ECO (Ecology Conse rvation Optimization)
Use ECO to save energy on specified wash cycles. ECO cannot be used with Steam Refresh, Stain
Wash or Basket Clean.
The display shows the approximate time remaining until the end of the cycle.
NOTE: The cycle time is affected by how long it takes the washer to fill. This depends on the water
pressure in your home.


The Dispenser Drawer
Slowly open the dispenser drawer by pulling it out
until it stops.
After adding laundry products, slowly close the
dispenser drawer. Closing the drawer too quickly
could result in early dispensing of the bleach, fabric
softener or detergent.
You may see water in the bleach and fabric
softener compartments at the end of the cycle.
This is a result of the flushing/siphoning action and
is part of the normal operation of the washer.
The Detergent Compartment
• High-efficiency detergent is required for this
washer. Use the detergent manufacturer's
recommended amount.
The detergent selection insert must be placed in
the detergent compartment in a specific position
according to what type of detergent you are using.
• Powder Detergent – Remove the detergent
selection insert and place it in a safe location
outside of the washer.
• Liquid Detergent – You will need to adjust the
insert according to the type of Liquid Detergent
you are using. The Icons on the side of the
detergent compartment must line up on the
center when the insert is in position.
Move the insert by pulling it up and replace it by
sliding it down between either the rear or front
detergent compartment molded rails, as desired,
for liquid detergent.
Remove for powder detergent.
Remove for powder detergent
Normal HE Liquid
Detergent Setting
2X HE Liquid Detergent
Setting (most common setting)
3X HE Liquid
Detergent Setting
remove for powder
Appearance may vary


Table of Contents