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Unpacking The Washer - Whirlpool AWG 1212/PRO Instructions For Use Manual

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Recycle or destroy the carton and plastic bags after the washer is unpacked. Make materials inaccessible to
children. Children might use them for play. Cartons covered with rugs, bedspreads or plastic sheets can
become airtight chambers causing suffocation.
1. Cut and remove the top and bottom packaging straps.
2. While it is in the carton, carefully lay the washer on its side. DO NOT lay the washer on its front or
3. Turn down the bottom flaps-remove all base packaging, including the cardboard, styrofoam base and
styrofoam tub support (inserted in center of base).
NOTE: If you are installing a pedestal, proceed to the installation instructions that come with
the pedestal.
4. Carefully return the washer to an upright position and remove the carton.
5. Carefully move the washer to within 4 feet (122 cm) of the final location.
6. Remove the following from the back side of the washer:
4 bolts
4 plastic spacers (including rubber grommets)
4 power cord retainers
NOTE: Failure to remove the shipping braces can cause the washer to become severely unbalanced.
Save all bolts for future use.
NOTE: If you must transport the washer at a later date, you must reinstall the shipping support hardware
to prevent shipping damage. Keep the hardware in the plastic bag provided.


Table of Contents