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Care And Cleaning - Whirlpool AWG 1212/PRO Instructions For Use Manual

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Exterior: Immediately wipe off any spills. Wipe with damp cloth. Do not hit surface with sharp objects.
Moving and Storage: Ask the service technician to remove water from drain pump and hoses.
Do not store the washer where it will be exposed to the weather. When moving the washer, the tub
should be kept stationary by using the shipping bolts removed during installation.
See Installation Instructions in this book.
Long Vacations: Be sure the water supply is shut off at the faucets. Drain all water from the hoses if the
weather will be below freezing.
Cleaning the Interior of the Washer
To clean the interior of the washer, select the
Basket Clean feature on the control panel. The
cycle will use more water, in addition to bleach, to
refresh your washer.
NOTE: Read the instructions below completely
before starting the Basket Clean cycle.
1. Remove any garments or objects from the
washer and ensure the washer basket is empty.
2. Open the washer door and pour one cup or
250 ml of liquid bleach or other washing
machine cleaner into the basket.
3. Close the door and select the Basket Clean
cycle. Push the Start pad.
4. When the Basket Clean cycle is working, you
will see CLn on the display. The cycle will
complete in about 90 minutes. Do not
interrupt the cycle.
5. After the cycle is complete, leave the door
open slightly for better ventilation.
If for any reason the cycle needs to be interrupted,
the door will not open immediately. Forcing open
the door at this stage may cause water to flood.
The door will open after the water is drained to a
level where it would not flood the floor.
Basket Clean may be interrupted by pressing the
Start pad in between cycles. A power outage in
the house might also interrupt the cycle. When the
power supply is back, the Basket Clean cycle
resumes where it had stopped. When interrupted,
be sure to run a complete Basket Clean cycle
before using the washer. If the Power pad is
pressed during Basket Clean, the cycle will be
• Run Basket Clean with 1 Cup (250 ml) of
bleach once a month.
• After the completion of a Basket Clean cycle,
the interior of your washer may have a bleach
• It is recommended to run a light color load after
the Basket Clean cycle.


Table of Contents

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