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Fitting Instructions - Honeywell HOWARD LEIGHT SYNC ELECTO User Instructions

Impact noise & digital fm radio earmuff
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The SYNC Electo earmuff is a hearing protector which amplifies surrounding sounds such as voices, machines and warning signals, with built-in full-
stereo FM radio. It allows you to listen to radio-reception in the FM-band between 87,5 and 108 MHz, while still protecting your hearing in an efficient
and comfortable way. FM radio, and sound restoration levels are limited at 82 dB(A). This earmuff is provided with electrical audio input. The wearer
should check correct operation before use. If distortion or failure is detected refer to the manufacturers advice.
BATTERY INSERTION / REPLACEMENT INSTRUCTIONS: Press button on battery lid and slide cover up as shown to open
(8). Insert two 1,5 V AA batteries. Make sure that the + and - poles are in the correct position. Ensure that the battery lid is
closed completely. Warning - performance may deteriorate with battery usage. The typical period of continuous use that can
be expected from the earmuff battery is 101 hours.
INSTRUCTIONS FOR FITTING according to illustrations A-C: Extend the headband before use. Place the earcups over the
outer ear (picture A), antenna on the right side. Adjust the crown headband by moving it up and down in the side headbands
(picture B). The ear cushions should seal firmly against the head (picture C). For best results, remove all hair under the cushion.
Noise reduction will be adversely effected by anything that impairs the seal of the earmuff cushions against the head, such
as thick spectacle frames, balaclavas, etc.
INSTRUCTIONS FOR ELECTO USE according to photo descriptions 1-8.
1. Turn on the radio by pressing and holding the On/off button 1 second (2). To turn off the earmuff press and hold the On/off button 2 seconds (2),
you will hear one beep tone. The earmuff has an automatic shut off function if left unattended for 4 hours. You will hear a warning tone before shut
off. Press any button within 20 seconds to receive another 4 hours working time.
2. To adjust volume, rotate the radio volume control knob (3) clockwise and adjust the radio sound to a pleasant listening level. The volume for s urrounding
sound is independently adjusted by the knob (7) on the side of cup.
3. Adjust the radio frequency by pressing the tuning up/down button (4) to change the stations. To scan automatic radio stations press and hold the
tuning up/down button (4) for 1 second. A beep tone will be heard when station is found.
4. When using the external audio input jack (6), connect the 3,5 mm cable into the audio input jack (6). Volume is adjusted by the volume control knob
(3) or on the external audio device.
DIGITAL DISPLAY: Preset Station Memory control 0-9 (1a)-
• To save a station to memory, with radio on and station selected, press the memory button (5) and hold for 2 seconds, you will hear the beep tone
once and the memory digit (1a) will flash. Choose the memory number by pressing the tuning up/down button (4), and then pressing the memory
button (5). Press on/off button (2) once to exit memory mode.
• To delete a station from memory, select the memory digit number by pressing the memory button (5) until the desired number appears on the digital
readout (1a), then hold the memory button (5) for 2 seconds until you hear one beep tone. Press on/off button (2) once to exit memory mode.
• To select a preset station using the memory control, press the memory button (5) to access the stored stations 0-9, which will appear on the digital
readout (1a).
• Battery Level Indicator (1c)- When batteries are low you will hear one beep tone and the icon (1c) will flash. Turn off the radio before you replace
the batteries.
• FM stereo display (1e)- "ST" will display. If the stereo radio station is not stable, it will switch to mono and will not show the "ST" icon.
• Digital Display (1)- When using the 3.5mm input jack (6) to connect a MP3, cell phone, radio, or scanner to the earmuff the digital display will show
only "AU" in the digital display.
IMPORTANT USER INFORMATION: The earmuffs should be fitted, adjusted and maintained in accordance with the instructions. The earmuffs should be
worn at all times in noisy surroundings. The earmuffs should be regularly inspected for serviceability. The earmuffs should be cleaned and disinfected
with soap and warm water. They may not be dipped into water. Earmuffs and in particular cushions may deteriorate with use and should be examined at
frequent intervals for cracking and leakage, for example. To replace ear cushions, just pull off the old ones and snap in the new. To order new ear cushions
please see hygiene kit information. The fitting of hygiene covers to the cushions may affect the acoustic performance of the earmuffs. Before and after
use, store in a cool, dry place. The temperature should not exceed +55°C. This product may be adversely affected by certain chemical substances. Further
information should be sought from the manufacturer. The earmuff is provided with electronic restoration of surrounding sound. The wearer should check
for correct operation before use. If distortion or failure is detected, the wearer should refer to the manufacturer's advice for maintenance and replacement
of the batteries. Warning – performance may deteriorate with battery usage. The typical period of continuous use that can be expected is 101 hours. The
output signal of the sound restoration circuit of this hearing protector does not exceed the values known to constitute a risk to hearing. Warning – for
lower external levels, the sound level under the earmuff can exceed the external level (amplification). See "Sound restoration characteristics" graph.
For the estimation of the effective attenuation of this earmuff, the additional noise emission by the radio and the sound amplification should be taken
into account. The estimated A-weighed noise level under the earmuff in p assive mode should not be greater than 82 dB(A). The maximum output from


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