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Honeywell HOWARD LEIGHT SYNC ELECTO User Instructions page 5

Impact noise & digital fm radio earmuff
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the radio receiver earphones is 82 dB(A). The microphone's wind protector, which eliminates wind noise etc., should be kept clean and changed when
necessary. If the above-mentioned recommendations are not followed, the protection and function afforded by the earmuffs may be severely impaired.
AUDIO INPUT LEVELS*: The audio levels in the earphones is dependent on the audio input level. To prevent harmful noise levels in the earphones never
exceed the values and usage described in figure A:1. Mean/average level of electrical input. Maximum permitted audio input level for 8 hours of usage
time, compressed speech and music U=96 mV. See figure A:1 and Table 1.
WARNING: Listening to music, or any other sound, at a high volume over time can cause permanent damage to your hearing. Noise-induced
hearing loss can occur even when you are enjoying music on a personal listening device. Exposures to high volume over time can cause perma-
nent damage. Users should enjoy their favorite music safely and avoid potential hearing loss. When it comes to safe use of personal listening devices,
we recommend that you listen responsibly, including listening at no more than 80% of a device's maximum volume for a maximum of 90 minutes per
day at such levels. If you listen at a lower volume, you can listen for a longer time. By contrast, at higher volumes, you should listen for a shorter time.
Noise-induced hearing loss is 100% permanent, but 100% preventable. The user is responsible for the proper selection, use, care and maintenance
of this device. Improper s election (including under/over protection), use or maintenance may lead to serious hearing loss. If there are any questions
concerning this product contact your safety s upervisor or Sperian Hearing Protection, LLC.
WARNING: The output of the electrical audio circuit of this hearing protector may exceed the daily limit sound level. When exceeding the specified
limits a risk of h earing impairment exists. The audibility of warning signals at a specific workplace may be impaired while using the entertainment
facility. DISCLAIMER: For stereo speaker use only with personal audio devices.
This earmuff is provided with level-dependent attenuation. The wearer should check correct operation before use. If distortion or failure is detected, the
wearer should refer to the manufacturers' advice for maintenance and replacement of the battery.
WARNING: The output of the level-dependent circuit of this hearing protector may exceed the external sound level. (See sound restoration
characteristics chart below.)
TECHNICAL DATA: Over-the-head headband earmuff. Material of headband: Steel, textile and polyurethane. Material of ear cushion: PVC and polyurethane.
Size: S, M, L Weight: 374 g Hygiene Kit No: 1015280 (Dust cover and foam filled replaceable ear cushion x2.)
Sound restoration characteristics (volume control in maximum position)
External level dB(A)
Criterion levels: H = 113 dB(A) M = 105 dB(A) L=107 dB(A)
Criterion level: Sound pressure level of external noise for which
the sound pressure level under the earmuff first exceeds 85dB(A)
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