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471 = 0 V Detector Reset; 472 = Set Latch Positive; 473 = Alarm; Group 4 - Option 8 Easy Set - Honeywell Ademco Accord Installation Instructions Manual

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471 = 0 V Detector Reset

This output type is used to provide the negative supply to devices such as Viper
vibration sensors. The 0 V supply is removed for five seconds when the setting
procedure is initiated to ensure devices are reset before the system sets. After an
alarm activation, the 0 V will be removed when the system is reset to clear any
latched conditions.

472 = Set Latch Positive

This output type is used with latching PIRs. The output is set to 0 V switching to 12
V when the first of the following occur:
• Alarm Condition.
• Entry Timer is Started.
• System is Unset.

473 = Alarm

This sets the output to 12 V switching to 0 V when any of the following occur:
• Alarm Condition.
• Panic Alarm.
• Fire Alarm.
This output may be used to trip a speech dialler or a transistorized relay for control of
auxiliary equipment. The alarm trigger can also be inverted so that it is normally 0 V
switching to 12 V, see
Group 4 — Option 8 Easy Set
When enabled (set to 1) this option allows users to set the system without entering
their user code — this option is disabled by default.
Users set the system by pressing the # key then one of the: Full Set (1), Part Set (2),
or Night Set (3) keys. The system has the same Exit Times as ordinary (non easy-set)
A valid User Code is still required to Unset the system.
Programming Group 5 Option 7 Trigger Output

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