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Night Set [3]; Unsetting; Unsetting After Or During An Alarm; Engineer Setting And Unsetting - Honeywell Ademco Accord Installation Instructions Manual

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Night Set [3]

To Night Set the system:
• Enter your User Code then press the 3 (Night Set) key.
• This starts the setting of the system using the Night Set zone programming.
This allows a sub-set of the system to be set.
• The Day LED will flash during the Exit Time.
• To cancel the setting procedure press the
• Once the system sets two confirmation beeps are emitted by the keypad and
internal speaker†; after this the
† The activation of the keypad buzzer and internal speaker are dependant on the
programming of Programming Group 4 — Option 4 Part Set Exit Warning.
Easy Set – allows users to Night Set the system without entering their User Code. If
Easy Set is programmed you may set the system by pressing the # key, then the 3
(Night Set) key. See
Easy Set


To Unset the system the user should go to the keypad via the agreed entry route and
enter their User Code.

Unsetting After or During an Alarm

On the keypad the LED corresponding to the first zone to go into alarm illuminates.
Entering a User Code stops any alarm that is in progress. To reset the system enter
the User Code again.
Note: If Engineer Reset for Alarms is enabled only the Engineer Code can reset the
system after an alarm condition. See
Group 5 — Option 3 Engineer Reset for Alarms

Engineer Setting and Unsetting

The Engineer Code can be used to set the system (Full, Part or Night). It can only be
used to unset the system when it was previously used to set it.

Testing the System [5]

To Test the zones and outputs on the system enter your code then press the 5
(Test) key.
The Bell output, LEDs 1 — 8 and the Tamper LED on the keypad, will activate for five
seconds. The Strobe output flashes until the test is finished.
Once the keypad LEDs have deactivated test each zone in turn, activate the zone and
verify that the corresponding LED on the keypad illuminates and you hear two beeps
from the keypad.
To exit test mode enter your code, the keypad beeps twice to confirm.
SECTION 3: Programming the Accord; Group 4 — Option 8
(Escape) key.
(Escape) key does not function.
Section 3: Programming the Accord;

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