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Section 3: Programming The Accord; Getting In And Out Of Programming Mode; The Programming Format; Programming Groups - Honeywell Ademco Accord Installation Instructions Manual

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Getting In and Out of Programming Mode

All zone and system programming must be carried out from Programming Mode. To enter
Programming Mode enter the Engineer Code and press the # key, then press the Star ( )
Note: The Engineer Code defaults to 9090.
The keypad beeps twice, the Day LED goes out, and the power LED on the keypad flashes
to indicate that the system is in Programming Mode.
To exit from Programming Mode press the # key followed by the
the keypad stops flashing and the Day LED activates.
To default the Master User (Default 1234) and Engineering (Default 9090) codes, press
and # keys simultaneously for approximately 2 seconds either within 5 seconds
of power up or within 5 seconds of leaving Engineering Mode. The keypad will emit a
double beep when this has been accepted. Additionally, if any key is pressed within 5
seconds of leaving Engineering Mode this period is extended for a further 5 seconds.
Note: If Group 5 - Option 4 Keypad Panic is enabled then pressing the
keys simultaneously at any time other than those mentioned above will activate the
keypad panic facility. The keypad panic will not operate within 5 seconds of either
power up or leaving Engineering Mode.

The Programming Format

To make the programming of the Accord as simple as possible an easy to use programming
format has been adopted. Each system parameter has been allocated to a Programming Group;
to programme a parameter select the programming group, select the parameter, enter the
desired value. Each of the three steps involves just one key press. The Programming Groups
are listed below.

Programming Groups

Key 1: Group 1 = Full Set Options
Key 2: Group 2 = Part Set Options
Key 3: Group 3 = Night Set Options
Key 4: Group 4 = System Options
Key 5: Group 5 = System Options
Key 9: Group 9 = Set Factory Defaults
To programme a parameter select the programming group from the list above. Enter the
second digit to choose the zone number, zone option, or system option to be modified. Enter
the third digit to programme the zone type, zone option or system option setting.
To view the options for a group enter the Engineer Code then the group number followed by
0, 0. The values for each option will be displayed in sequence.
Note: If the control beeps twice the information has been correctly entered.
If the control beeps three times after making a programme entry either the entry was
invalid or too much time was taken to enter the information.
key; the power LED on
and #

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