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Zone Type Definitions; General Information; 1- Final Exit; Keyswitch - Honeywell Ademco Accord Installation Instructions Manual

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Zone Type Definitions

General Information

The Accord has eight zone types, these are:
0 = Not Used
1 = Final Exit (FX)

2 = Keyswitch

3 = Intruder (Alarm)
4 = Walk Through (IX)
5 = 24 Hour Tamper
7 = PA Audible
9 = Fire
1— Final Exit
The Final Exit zone type is used for the entry/exit route(s), they are usually assigned
to the front door or other main entry point(s). The zone becomes operational when
the system is set or setting.
For a Final Exit zone type to terminate a Full Setting procedure the Exit Time must
be set to infinite (410).
Activation of a Final Exit zone while the system is set initiates the unsetting proce-
dure; the keypads beep and all Walk Through zones are isolated. A valid User Code
must be entered at the keypad, or a Keyswitch zone activated, before the Entry Time
has elapsed.
If the system is Part Set or Night Set then the Exit Time is fixed at 30 seconds.
2 — Keyswitch
The Keyswitch zone type is used to allow a keyswitch to Full Set the system. It has a
latching operation.
The keyswitch should be wired across the zone terminals; opening the Keyswitch
zone (open circuit) will start the Full setting procedure; closing the Keyswitch zone
(closed circuit) performs an instant unsetting of the system.
It is strongly recommended that the keyswitch should be fitted in a tamper protected
case with the tamper switch connected in series with the other tamper circuits at the
control panel.
3 — Intruder
The Intruder zone type is used on devices which require an instant alarm if activated
when the system is Set. During the Set state zone activations cause internal sounders
and external sounders to activate.
4 — Walk Through
The Walk Through zone type is used with the Final Exit zone type; when the system
is set and a Final Exit zone is activated the unsetting procedure is initiated and all

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