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Fuses; Equipment Electrical Rating; Batteries - Honeywell Ademco Accord Installation Instructions Manual

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The mains fuse within the cabinet is rated at 100 mA.
The mains supply must be disconnected before opening the cabinet and changing
the fuse. Replace the mains fuse with the same type and rating, that is:
Rating: 100 mA anti-surge (T).
Construction: Glass cartridge.
Dimensions: 20 mm length, 5 mm diameter.
Conformance: BS EN 60127-2 and IEC127-2.
There are three on board fuses:
• F1 Battery: 1A — 20mm, Anti-surge.
• F2 Keypad/Aux power: 500 mA — 20mm, Anti-surge.
• F3 Bell: 500 mA — 20mm, Anti-surge.

Equipment Electrical Rating

The control equipment is designed to operate on a UK mains supply of 240 Volts a.c.
(230 V +10% –8%) at a frequency of 50 Hz. It is not suitable for other types of supply.
The maximum current consumption in normal use is 80 mA.


The battery used with the control panel must be a 12 V sealed lead-acid rechargeable
battery of up to 7.2 Amp-hour capacity. The battery must be positioned on the bat-
tery shelf. The battery leads must be connected to the battery observing terminal
polarity and not left hanging near the mains terminal block .

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