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Mitsubishi Electric MELSERVO-J5 Series User Manual page 13

Linear servo motor
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whether they can work in such environment.
• On the packing condition (cardboard) shipped from our company, although the magnet on the secondary side does not
have any serious impact on the outside, do not place the magnetic parts (including the primary side, other secondary side,
and tools) close to the secondary side until the linear servo motor is assembled to the machine. Be cautious in the
workplace and its surroundings.
• For installation of the linear servo motor and working near the linear servo motor, use non-magnetic tools. They are
necessary to ensure safety and improve workability. Especially when installing the primary side after the installation of the
secondary side. For screws to be used, refer to the dimensions of each linear servo motor series.
• Do not get on or put heavy load on the equipment.
• Do not drop or strike the linear servo motor.
• To prevent a fire or injury from occurring in case of an earthquake or other natural disasters, securely install, mount, and
wire the linear servo motor in accordance with the user's manual.
• To prevent an electric shock or a fire, do not disassemble, repair, or modify the product. Disassembled, repaired, and/or
modified products are not covered under warranty.
• Keep the cumulative pitch error of the mounting screw holes to within ±0.2 mm (0.1 mm for LM-K2 series). When two or
more secondary sides are installed, clearance may be left between the secondary sides depending on the installing method
and the number of secondary sides.
Primary side (coil)
For lifting the primary side, lift the tool for lifting attached to the primary side or lift the eyebolt attached to the screw hole for
primary-side mounting as shown in the following diagram.
When lifting, do not add any stress on the mold part and the power supply cable by the wire, and the like.
Set the lifting points on both longitudinal ends (two or more).
Tool for lifting
Power cable or others
When using the tool for lifting
Wire or others
Power cable or others
Screw hole for primary-side mounting
Wire or others
Screw hole for primary-side mounting
When using the eyebolts
1 Handling of Linear Servo Motor
1.2 Instructions on installation operation

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