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Mitsubishi Electric MELSERVO-J5 Series User Manual page 69

Linear servo motor
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■Step 3.
Place non-magnetic sheets (e.g. resin) of approx. 0.3 mm thickness in the both gap parts between the primary and
secondary side, and move the primary side towards the secondary sides which were installed in Step 1. Remove the
non-magnetic sheets after moving the primary side toward the secondary side. When removing, be careful not to scratch
the primary and secondary sides.
Move the primary side.
Place the secondary side unit on the remaining secondary side area on the stage the same way as the first pair of the
secondary side units that have been installed.
Press the side surface of the secondary side to the stage, and fix it with the hexagon socket head cap screw as
temporary joint.
After fitting and pressing the secondary-side edge to the secondary side which was installed in Step 1, secure the
temporarily fixed secondary side with the hexagon socket head cap screw.
Temporarily fix the secondary side
with the hexagon socket head
cap screw, and secure the
secondary side after fitting
its end surface to the
adjacent secondary
Fit the secondary side to the adjacent side.
Resinous non-magnetic sheet
5 Linear servo motor
5.6 LM-K2 series

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