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Instructions On Installation Operation - Mitsubishi Electric MELSERVO-J5 Series User Manual

Linear servo motor
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As shown in the following figure, arrange for the table attached to the primary side to hit the stopper.
Primary side
Oil proof and dust proof measures for the linear encoder is required, more so than for the linear servo motor.
Contact each linear encoder manufacturer for details.
Linear guide
Install the linear guide with high accuracy.
Contact each linear guide manufacturer for details.

Instructions on installation operation

Instructions on using lifting machines such as crane when installing the linear servo motor are shown below.
• The cables should not be damaged, stressed, loaded, or pinched.
• Install the linear servo motor on incombustible material. Installing them directly or close to combustibles will lead to smoke
or a fire.
• Prevent contaminants such as conductive foreign objects such as screws and metal pieces, and combustible foreign object
such as oil, from entering the linear servo motor.
• Linear servo motor may be hot depending on the operating method. Take safety measures such as providing covers.
• Workers installing linear servo motors and machine operators are not allowed to wear or carry electronic devices (such as
watches, calculators, personal computers), and magnetic recording media (IC cards, magnetic cards, floppy disks, and
others), closer to the secondary side. The magnetic effect may cause operation failure or malfunction.
• Securely fix the linear servo motor to the machine. If attached insecurely, the motor may come off during operation.
• Do not overtighten the eyebolts of the linear servo motor. Tightening too hard may damage the tap.
• Stacking in excess of the specified number of product packages is not allowed.
• Do not hold the cables or connectors when carrying the linear servo motor. Otherwise, it may drop.
• Install the linear servo motor in a place that can withstand the mass, in accordance with the user's manual.
• When installing on the secondary side, use non-magnetic tools.
• Securely fix the linear servo motor to the machine. If attached insecurely, the motor may come off during operation.
• The moving direction of the linear servo motor and linear encoder must match. Otherwise, the linear servo motor may
operate unexpectedly.
• To prevent a connection failure, malfunction, or others, do not strike the connector.
• Use the product within the specified environment. For the environment conditions, refer to the specifications of the linear
servo motor series.
• To prevent rust, do not touch the linear servo motor with bare hands.
• The primary side and secondary side may be damaged by a fall or shock.
• Do not install and operate the servo amplifier and the linear servo motor which have been damaged, or with any parts
• The permanent magnet on the secondary side of the linear servo motor has a suction force against magnetic parts.
Therefore, people who are using medical device such as a pacemaker must check with the medical device manufacturer
1 Handling of Linear Servo Motor
1.2 Instructions on installation operation

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