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Liquid Cooling - Mitsubishi Electric MELSERVO-J5 Series User Manual

Linear servo motor
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Liquid cooling

LM-F series linear servo motor is compatible with liquid cooling. Configure the machine (system) after checking the following.
• Parts required for cooling system design, including the cooling pipe laying in the primary side table, parts required for
installation and cooling, cooling machine (chiller), and coolant should be selected by the customer. For example, when
water is used as coolant, 5 liter or more is required per minute. Keep the pressure on the pipe flow entrance to be 0.5 MPa
or less.
• To prevent any foreign matter from entering into the cooling pipe, be sure to always set the filter, etc. in the flow path.
• To avoid liquid leak, pipe laying for cooling and joint should be selected by the customer. Especially, select the cooling pipe
which stands the bending action.
• It is recommended to keep the liquid temperature injected into the cooling pipe around 20 °C. Although high cooling effect
may be obtained by lowering the liquid temperature, be careful about the dew condensation.
• Since the overload protection characteristics are different from that for natural cooling, check if the condition such as
operation pattern is matched with the overload protection characteristics. If the operation pattern is not matched with the
overload protection characteristics, an alarm may occur. For the overload protection characteristics, refer to the following.
• As the material for cooling pipe is copper, select the rust preventive material which does not corrode the copper.
• When laying the cooling pipe, fix the hexagon part of cooling pipe with spanner. Tightening torque should be 3.0 N•m to 3.5
5 Linear servo motor
5.5 LM-F series

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