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Handling Of Linear Servo Motor - Mitsubishi Electric MELSERVO-J5 Series User Manual

Linear servo motor
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Handling of Linear Servo Motor

Structure of linear servo motor
Linear servo motor has the primary side which consists of the iron core and coil, and the secondary side which consists of the
mounting part (yoke) and permanent magnet. (excluding coreless type LM-U2P_)
Primary side
Laminated core
Secondary side
■Primary side
The primary side has the motor core with winding and is covered with the molded resin.
■Secondary side
The secondary side has the permanent magnet on the mounting part (yoke) and is covered with the molded resin or stainless
Magnetic attraction force
The secondary side of the linear servo motor contains a strong permanent magnet, so a magnetic attraction force (the force
by which a magnet attracts magnetic bodies) is generated toward magnetic bodies such as iron.
This magnetic attraction force is always acting regardless of linear servo motor power on/off.
Always acting
regardless of on/off
of the power
Magnet side face
Mounting part (yoke) side face
Molded resin
Molded resin or stainless cover
Motor coil
Permanent magnet
Mounting part (yoke)

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